Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yesterday...History Was Made...

Yesterday at about 12:05 am, Barack Hussain Obama became the 44th President of the United States! Now how amazing is that?!? What makes it even better is that he's the first black man to make it into the White House. This very moment has inspired me in many ways. I'm hoping he'll set things right in the States. Its gonna take a while, but I know he'll do a fair job. But why am I worrying and hoping. I'm not American, but usually what goes on the States eventually spreads to our

I felt like putting this bad boy together in celebration of yesterday's historic event.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Better days should come...(Plus new art post)

My OSAP Interest Relief period is almost up, and I really need some cash! I've been throwing resumes to every event promotion company in the city. I hope I get a call back (especially with the Auto Show coming next month).

I know what some of you are thinking. Why are looking for event promo jobs instead of illustration jobs?
I like the fact that its quick and easy money, and it pays the bills in the meantime.

Meanwhile, I've started the coloring process for issue #0 of the Heroes of the World comic (which is titled Unite! - The Adventures of Oreh Gaia). I really hope things jump off in a big way for Heroes of
the World this year. I know we'll get big enough so that we won't have to work regular jobs again. And most importantly, so that our parents won't have to work.

Enough of that, on the my new art post. This one is of another X-Men favourite. Ms. Ororo Munroe (who we all know and love as Storm!)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pencils, Prismas and Inks oh my!!

Its been a while since I've used Prismacolour markers on sketches. The last time I used them was waaay back (Sheridan days woot woot!) The peeps of subject are my old man, my brother Daniel, and one of my DYV compadres, Mae Mae!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


DUUUUDEE I am drained!! Well...almost...

Majority of the day, I was at the DLM Dance Studio my buddy Shawn Cuffie (DLM president and business manager of Heroes of the World) clean his studio. There was a lot of crap that had to cleaned, rearranged, and what not. Luckily the majority of the cleaning was done today. Now I just feel like kicking back and jammin' to some old school tracks.

There's a job fair I wanna hit up tomorrow, but the "apparent" snow storm might damper my plans. We'll see what happens...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Second post of the year - Peter Parker

Well it's the first official work week of 2009! I was chillin' with my brother yesterday. We were talking about the new year, and what needed to be done. He mentioned something to me that was thought-provoking. He stated that whatever you do during the first work week of the new year, will determine how the rest of your year will go. I thought about that for a second, and I then I was like "wait..he could be right". Matter of fact, he is right. If you start off your first work week strong, then the rest of 2009 should turn out just the same.

I think that's what needs to be done here. No more procrastination, or sidetracking. Its time to get things accomplished early this year. Time to get down to it! First things first, there's the Heroes of the World comic (issue #0) that I gotta finish cleaning up. But before I start that, I thought I'd drop another sketch on this thingy.

Everyone's favourite geek, Peter Parker.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

First post for the year! - James Howlett (Logan)

Well all, its 2009!!!

Last year was quite the year. I went through my shares of success (mainly Heroes of the World) and failures. Experienced some wins and a few losses (including my mind at one point..but that's something for another time).

Its been a while since I've posted something on this thing. I've had intentions of posting more work, but most of my energies were focused on the Heroes of the World project that I've co-created.

As far as 2009 is concerned, I know it'll be a better year. I just gotta keep pressing forward!

With that being said, here's one of my first posts for 2009.

Here's the good Mr. Howlett (who we all know as Logan). Wolverine has always been one of my favourite characters. However, I'm not too keen on the upcoming movie.