Monday, January 19, 2009

Better days should come...(Plus new art post)

My OSAP Interest Relief period is almost up, and I really need some cash! I've been throwing resumes to every event promotion company in the city. I hope I get a call back (especially with the Auto Show coming next month).

I know what some of you are thinking. Why are looking for event promo jobs instead of illustration jobs?
I like the fact that its quick and easy money, and it pays the bills in the meantime.

Meanwhile, I've started the coloring process for issue #0 of the Heroes of the World comic (which is titled Unite! - The Adventures of Oreh Gaia). I really hope things jump off in a big way for Heroes of
the World this year. I know we'll get big enough so that we won't have to work regular jobs again. And most importantly, so that our parents won't have to work.

Enough of that, on the my new art post. This one is of another X-Men favourite. Ms. Ororo Munroe (who we all know and love as Storm!)

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