Monday, January 05, 2009

Second post of the year - Peter Parker

Well it's the first official work week of 2009! I was chillin' with my brother yesterday. We were talking about the new year, and what needed to be done. He mentioned something to me that was thought-provoking. He stated that whatever you do during the first work week of the new year, will determine how the rest of your year will go. I thought about that for a second, and I then I was like "wait..he could be right". Matter of fact, he is right. If you start off your first work week strong, then the rest of 2009 should turn out just the same.

I think that's what needs to be done here. No more procrastination, or sidetracking. Its time to get things accomplished early this year. Time to get down to it! First things first, there's the Heroes of the World comic (issue #0) that I gotta finish cleaning up. But before I start that, I thought I'd drop another sketch on this thingy.

Everyone's favourite geek, Peter Parker.

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